The Discreet Art of Short Movies

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The Discreet Art of Short Movies

A Short Movie, or only short, is a short film. The Houaiss Dictionary defines a short Movie as “a film lasting up to 30 minutes, for aesthetic, informative, educational or advertising purposes. In general, it is shown as a complement to a more extensive cinematographic program.
Not every story needs a long time to be told. The short film takes a direct and straightforward approach. It skillfully uses creativity to get a message across as quickly as possible.
As we do not have the habit of making regular short films, these short films are typically shown at film festivals across the country. Most can be found on streaming services. It is also common for certain short films to be displayed with blockbusters, mostly children’s animations.

How long is a short Movie?

As the name says, it is short. But what you may not know is that there are no very strict rules in the legislation that determine precisely how long a film needs to be considered a short film.
Some cultural outlets believe that any work that is 15 minutes long or less is considered a short film. But it is not so in all countries. If you are in the habit of checking out the Oscar-nominated movies, you have already noticed that those nominated in the Best Short Film categories usually have up to 15 minutes.

This is because the concept of “medium-length” Movies- which here refers to films between 15 and 70-does not exist in some countries, including the United States.
That’s why Oscar short films can be up to 40 minutes long. But events like the Sundance Festival, for example, allow short films of up to 50 minutes.

Most Popular Short Films

Although short films are not part of the famous circuit, they are highly appreciated when watched. It is not by chance that one of the most popular events in the country is Anima Mundi. That is an animation festival in which several animated shorts are shown in various sessions.

Besides, Disney / Pixar created the culture of showing short films before their “main attractions.” That’s how the children – and their parents – ended up watching the Oscar winner “Bao,” which was shown before “The Incredibles 2” and the musical “Lava.”

The Oscars and Short Movies

Because of the shorts’ length, it is common for people to associate with less important stories. But members of the Academy know that it is not so, mainly because directors and screenwriters of short films often take their first steps in the film industry.

That is why Oscar has three categories for short films: Best Animated Short, Best Short Documentary, and Best Short Film (Live Action). Like feature films, these films amuse, reveal inconvenient truths and tell incredible stories in just minutes.

Short films as a source of inspiration

Often, the short films also serve to present an idea that ends up becoming a feature film. This can happen when the team does not have enough budget to produce a feature film and show the short at festivals to stimulate investment in studios.

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