Literary Vision

literary Vision

Our Literary Vision

Padma Press Magazine was founded to support our work already done at OMTimes Media, Publishing and Broadcasting. It imagines becoming a Digital repository of Cultural, Educational, Artistic, and Scientific content, creating extensive bio-bibliographical references of literary authors ( Classical and New) in the world. The Primary Goal is to create a place where the Inclusive Voices and Human imaginative Soul’s diversity can redefine our world and Planetary Identity with a Culture of Peace.

Our Content Policy

The content of our publications is continuously updated. Most of the texts published here are not of our authorship. We curate content: we aim to compile, gather, and qualify information to facilitate our readers’ and researchers’ study and research. On each page, there is a reference to the authorship or origin of the referred texts.

We strive for quality, respect for the work and its authors. In this sense, we ask that if you identify errors or mistaken attributions, write to us to make corrections. Your help is essential to maintain our integrity and transparent work.

Your Support is Essential

If you believe and support our work, comment, share with your friends, participate in our social networks, register your email and receive our updates.

About the authors, artists, and poets, you will find a brief biography, bibliography, works, chronology, critical fortune (studies on the work and life), adaptations, extracts, quotes, poems, images, audios, videos, collections, and research sources. Our selection of literature’s main characteristic is the diversity, the multiplicity of voices, origins, themes, and styles.

Our Poetry outreach prioritizes quality in each part of our site.

It has the differential to check in books before publishing each text (if you find any text without doubtful reference, let us know that we will check it). Transparency is necessary because wrong texts and false authorship are spread over other more careless sites, blogs, and social networks on the internet. Distributing any wrong text or the correct authorship destroys our cultural heritage, which is so little valued. It disrespects the writer and the reader.

Padma Press is an Outreach project from Cathedral of the Soul, A 501-C ( 3)  IRS Registered Charity. PP is a Digital Publication designed to Inspire and motivate a new creative culture.  Our Intention is to give voice to the many brilliant minds and souls. Through Poetry, Short Stories, and Art, we are able to create a common ground of soul awakening and Understanding of the diverse cultural voices.


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