Projects-Padma Press

Our Literary Projects

Padma Press is a literary journal that showcases undiscovered and recognized writers and authors. We accept and publish concise, experimental, hybrid, contemporary, vintage, or just plain vulnerable writing. Our priority is to be inclusive and to bring a diversity of voices to the front of our planetary conversation.

We envision creating a place for folks who excel at taking risks through our projects, who thrive under pressure—for people whose words and rhythms are dynamic and alive. Padma Press is an emerging outlet for “creative works “of all genres and types- literary and visual art. A complete literary Project and outreach that is gathering a myriad of voices and creative minds to enhance a new Planetary Culture.

Our Current Projects:

Talking To the Walls

TTW is a Literary Project designed to reach the voices and creative minds behind bars and bring their thoughts to the world of Publishing. PP created the publishing platform for writers in prisons across the USA. These people have been traditionally overlooked, undervalued, and pushed to the margins. We believe their literary voices will enlarge and ultimately strengthen the artistic, creative, and intellectual community.

Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape.

Concurrent Submissions are Welcome.

Diverse Voices

However, you must contact us ASAP if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Stories & Nonfiction: We consider prose of up to 5,000 words in length, and we prefer .doc files that are double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman with numbered pages. Up to three flash prose pieces (<1,000 words) may be included in a single document.

Poems: Send 3-6 poems per submission. Do not send more than 4 poems if longer than 3 pages each. Please include all poems in a single .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

Photographic Arts: We are not accepting art submissions at this time. When we are, send up to five pieces up to 6 x 9 in dimensions or maybe later reduced to this size. Visual works must also be publishable in black and white but may be published in full color when funding allows.

Translations: We welcome translated work across genres. Please ensure you have the proper rights to the work before sending it. We accept International Submissions.

There is no need to query editors about presenting work.

Submission status may be queried by email, but please allow at least four months before querying.

All work must be previously unpublished, including writings and articles posted to personal blogs, online journals, or magazines. The guidelines are the same for any part of a thesis or dissertation that has been published electronically.

How and When To Withdraw a Piece:

Suppose you have submitted a simultaneous submission that is accepted elsewhere or have another reason to withdraw your offer. In that case, we ask that you please email us with the following information:
• Author’s name (and, if sent by someone else, the name of the person who submitted the work)
• The date on which the work was submitted
• Genre
• Title of the piece
Please note that we cannot refund submission fees in the event of a withdrawal or if the writer fails to submit the work by the stated deadline.